CHMUG25 The Obamas Black Mug

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The Obamas II Mug

If you’re like us, you enjoy starting your day with a nice, strong cup of coffee. It helps you slowly wake up and start planning your day. Enjoying your coffee, tea or other warm beverage out of your favorite mug makes it even better. If you’re looking for a new favorite mug or a great gift idea, consider our lovely Obamas coffee mug. Our attractive mug looks great and is convenient for daily use. It offers these great features:

  • 15 oz. capacity for more of your favorite hot beverage
  • Safe for use in the dishwasher and microwave
  • Attractive black finish with a photo of the Obamas and inscription


Give a Mug and Keep One — or Several — for Yourself!

You can choose a single mug or order several for a complete set. Your family will enjoy drinking their coffee out of such a handsome and inspiring mug. It also makes a fantastic gift idea for the Obama fan in your life. Thanks to the quality of the mug and printing, you can use it every day, and it will still be looking great for years to come.

It doesn’t matter if you like your coffee first thing in the morning, enjoy it after a meal or share a brew and some laughs with friends. An attractive high-quality mug makes it all that much better. You’ll appreciate the inspiration of seeing America’s favorite couple, the Obamas. Our mugs feature a glamorous photo of Barack and Michelle looking their best at a black-tie gala.

Bring a bit of class and excitement into your coffee break with our AAE coffee mugs featuring the Obamas. Sold individually, their great price means you can choose two, four, eight or as many as you want to make a complete set. Imagine these great coffee mugs featuring the Obamas at home, work, school or anywhere else people gather for coffee, such as a church group or club. They’re sure to be the most popular mugs in the room!


Bring the Obamas to Your Coffee Break With a Gorgeous Mug

We don’t all get the chance to have a coffee with Barack and Michelle Obama, so these mugs are the next best thing! Enjoy seeing the smiling couple and taking a moment to reflect on the positive mark they have left on America. We consider them to be great representatives of our African American culture and look up to them as an example to follow. The quality design makes these mugs a great gift idea for any occasion.

It’s easy to order through AAE, too. Simply click on the number of coffee mugs you’d like and add them to your shopping cart. You can also check out our complete catalog of black-centric gifts ideas and merchandise. Once you’ve completed your shopping, it only takes a moment to place your order using our secure checkout. We’ll ship your items off to you, and in a short time, you can be savoring your delicious hot coffee, taking inspiration from the Obamas as you prepare for your day.

• Size 15 oz. Mug / 4.25" H x 3.5" W
• Inscription on side: The Obamas
• Dishwasher and Microwave safe.

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