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What is Black Art?

Definition and Overview Black art constitutes a very diverse legacy, although many observers have a habit of generalizing what black art is.  We are talking about a continent that is filled with civilizations, people, and societies, each of which has a special culture.  Defining black art also requires that you take into consideration the art [...]


What are African American Figurines?

African-American figurines are some of the more popular and sought after collectible art items that you can include in your collection or give as gifts.  Collectible art such as these figurines have always been a primary favorite among those individuals who enjoy collecting African-American art.  The primary reason for this is because it is a [...]

The History of Black Art & Black History Month

Before we can talk about black art, would like to give you an overview of Black History Month and then we will discuss the history of black art. Our writing staff hopes that you enjoy this information.