A journal is a handy item to carry around with you all day. It’s useful for taking notes, jotting reminders or simply writing down your thoughts. You can use a journal at home, work, school, church or anywhere else you often need to write things down.

At African American Expressions, we have more than 40 unique African American journals you can choose from. They cover a wide range of themes that appeal to members of our community, including:

  • Faith and devotion
  • Forgiveness
  • Blessings in our lives
  • Reasons to praise
  • The Obamas
  • Black history
  • Singing and music

These are just of a few of the great journals we have for sale here at AAE. Our journals give you tons of space to write whatever you want. You may want to create a daily journal to make notes of what you want to accomplish. You might need a journal for school or for work, to make notes and sketches. You can use our blank journals to copy out your favorite Bible verses or inspirational messages to call upon when you need a boost.

Think of all the people you know who could make use of one of our handy African American journals and offer them one as a gift. Start browsing now and see all of our great Afrocentric cover designs. Then place your order and we’ll ship your journals off to you. They’re a great value, so buy a few for yourself, a few for your friends and a few extras to keep handy if you need a last-minute gift idea.

Your Best Source for African American Gifts and Items

At African American Expressions, we're proud to offer the best section you'll find of Afrocentric gifts and items for your life. Our journals are a popular item for people young and old since we all need our own journal throughout the day. These journals practical and offer positive, encouraging and lighthearted Black-inspired messages and images with vibrant colors and powerful themes we all love. You can browse our online catalog and discover all of our African American journal designs that include:

  • 6.25” x 8.5” size
  • 128 pages
  • Full cover image

Click on through and see which journals catch your eye. It might be the colors, images or messages included on the cover. Carry your journal around in your bag, purse or car or keep it handy at home, work or school so that you can pull it out when you have something to write down. Keep your thoughts organized with an attractive and practical journal with an appealing African American design from AAE.

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