African American Magnetic Notepads

There never seems to be a piece of paper handy when you need it! Whether it’s to jot down a name or number while on the phone or make a note for a shopping list, make sure you always have a notepad handy with our lovely magnetic notepads here at African American Expressions. The magnetic back makes it easy to stick to your fridge or a metal cabinet, so you always know where it is.

Each pad comes with a unique wide variety of themes, ranging from Afrocentric, religious, or more standard designs featuring bright colors, expressive designs, popular slogans and phrases, and plenty of room for writing, including handy lines for making lists. Whether you’re writing out your grocery list or having fun drawing doodles, keeping an African American Expressions magnetic notepad beside you is always useful.

To make sure you’ve got enough paper to last, each notepad comes with 60 sheets of 4” by 9” paper, leaving plenty of room for all of your notes. The pages are easy to rip off if you need to take your list with you, and they make an attractive way of leaving a note for someone. They’ll notice the African American theme and appreciate the great designs. Many of our notepads also include a positive expression of faith, which is always appreciated at any time, and can often be the thing someone needs the most.

Our AAE magnetic notepads are not only practical for your home or office, but also make a great gift. They’re useful, affordable, and pleasing to look at, so you can order a bunch at a time and hand them out to all of your friends. Imagine how a kind word of encouragement to your family, friends, or coworkers can brighten their day.  

Browse our online selection of Afrocentric magnetic notepads from the comfort of your home, and place your order in a few simple clicks.

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