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2018 Michelle Obama Calendar

For two terms while her husband Barack Obama has served the US as 44th President, First Lady Michelle Obama has more than held her own as an inspiring and positive African American woman. Her intelligence, humility, faith and beauty all make her a wonderful spokesperson for all people of color.

To celebrate her mark on our country, we present you with our 2018 Lady Obama calendar. This 12” by 12” black calendar for sale features a unique color photo on each page, showing the typical style, grace and elegance of Michelle.


Michelle Obama: Gracious, Intelligent and Beautiful

She may have been the First Lady of the United States, but Michelle Obama exudes a kindness and simplicity that makes her very relatable. Known for her intelligence and beauty, she isn’t afraid to speak her mind, even on tough subjects. Her dedication to her causes as well as being a wife and mother makes her a role model for women around the country.

She has truly created her own legacy as a strong, powerful African American woman. She also encourages young women to work hard at school and follow their dreams. Michelle is proof that we can all succeed through hard work and perseverance, and she gives the young women in our communities someone to admire.

It’s for these reasons that we are happy to carry this beautiful 2018 wall calendar featuring the former First Lady. At AAE, we carry a wide range of African American-inspired gifts and merchandise that are both attractive and practical, like our large wall calendars.


Need a Gift? The 2018 Michelle Obama Calendar Delivers

This beautiful 2018 black calendar gives fans of the First Lady the chance to see her smiling face every day and get a glimpse of what’s behind the public persona. The quality images include details about her life and the causes close to her heart. At the end of every month, you may even want to cut out the pictures and put them on display, or make a collage of your favorite photos.

The large format of the calendar also makes it easy to read and leaves space to make notes for appointments and reminders. The high-quality images are printed on glossy paper for a quality finish, meaning this calendar looks great in any home, office or other space. Every time you glance at it, you’ll be inspired by the grace, poise and presence of Michelle Obama.

You’ll even see some candid shots of Michelle Obama away from the limelight, with a beaming smile every time. Think of all of the people that would love to look up at Michelle every morning, and order them a black calendar today. Don’t forget one for yourself, as we know you, too, will enjoy this wonderful Michelle Obama calendar on your wall!


Top Accomplishments of Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama gets a lot of press for her sense of style. While we won’t argue that she knows how to put together a great outfit, it’s Michelle’s accomplishments beyond the fashion world that make us take note. Michelle exhibits poise, grace, intelligence and compassion, all while maintaining a healthy sense of humor.

She focuses on bettering communities, whether in her native Chicago, the United States in general or the world as a whole. Her impact started long before she took up residence at the White House, and we’re sure it will continue long after. Learn more about the First Lady and her accomplishments that make us proud.


Her Degrees From Princeton University and Harvard Law School 

Michelle grew up on the South Side of Chicago, the daughter of a water department pump operator and a stay-at-home mom. Her parents gave her a solid foundation based in love and set her on a course of working hard and making an impact. After attending Chicago public schools, she studied at Princeton University, where her studies focused on sociology and African-American studies.

Upon completing her Princeton education, Michelle went on to graduate from Harvard Law School. As if the prestige of Harvard wasn’t enough, Michelle impresses us even more by being one of the four first ladies with a graduate degree. She shows that she isn’t just a pretty face or the wife of the President. She is an intelligent woman worthy of her own esteem.


Her Early Career

Long before Michelle became the First Lady, she paved her own career path in the law field and in public service. After working at Sidley & Austin in Chicago, and subsequently meeting Barack Obama, Michelle switched gears and took a career path that positioned her to serve her community.

Check out Michelle’s career-related accomplishments before she became the First Lady of the United States:


City of Chicago:

Michelle served as the assistant commissioner of planning and development to benefit the communities within Chicago.


Public Allies:

She served as the founding executive director of Chicago’s chapter of this AmeriCorps program. The program mentored young people to excel in areas of public service. Michelle founded and built the Chicago branch, helping youth pursue government agency and nonprofit internships. Her calm yet tenacious approach to building the program enabled her to get results. She focused on taking action rather than debating or lengthy discussions.


University of Chicago:

She served as the Associate Dean of Student Services, where she worked to unite the student body with the community. Her efforts resulted in the launch of the University of Chicago Community Service Center. Through this center, she inspired students to engage in civic activities, volunteering and service learning. 


University of Chicago Medical Center:

Michelle worked as the Vice President of Community and External Affairs and inspired a huge increase in volunteer efforts. Her work aimed to improve community-based health care, particularly on the South Side of Chicago. She was involved in the creation of the South Side Health Collaborative, which connected people without a primary medical service to a network of medical and social service providers.

She also inspired students and staff to volunteer within the community in local schools and community events. On the flip side, she significantly increased the number of community members who volunteered at the University of Chicago Medical Center as well.

So much of Michelle’s pre-White House work focused on helping the community and inspiring young people to achieve. She encouraged so many people to give back to the community and serve others, and she helped build community connections. 

Her work often revolved around race relations and using her education and experience to bridge the gaps for minorities in Chicago. She inspired more diversity in the medical center hiring process, and she ensured minority-owned construction companies received work during a medical center expansion.   


Her Commitment as a Wife

Work achievements often make the list of top accomplishments, but Michelle offers inspiration in other ways as well, including her relationship with President Obama. They first met while Michelle worked at Sidley & Austin. Barack worked as an intern at the firm, with Michelle being in charge of him. That initial meeting blossomed into a strong, loving marriage — one that serves as a model for how relationships should be. The two exhibit a mutual respect and a sense of teamwork that shows how strong their marriage is. They support one another, each pursuing and achieving their own individual goals while still working together as a solid family with morals and values.

While initially she wasn’t as involved, Michelle eventually jumped right in to help in President Obama’s campaign. She eventually began writing her own speeches. As is often the case, Michelle faced a lot of criticism during the campaign and as First Lady. She has always handled those situations with such grace. She reads situations well, and she understands how to navigate them — which is never easy when you’re constantly under scrutiny.


Her Parenting Style

Despite her accomplishments as a lawyer and first lady, Michelle puts her role as mother to her two daughters first. She nails that work-life balance that lets her experience success in her career while being an involved parent to Malia and Sasha. She focuses on giving her daughters as normal of a life as possible when your address is the White House, and she doesn’t sacrifice time with her family for fluffy First Lady events that don’t have a purpose. She picks and chooses the events that take her away from her family, ensuring they serve a specific and valuable purpose. 

What’s even better than the time devoted to her family is the expectations she sets for her girls. Malia and Sasha don’t get off easy just because they’re part of the First Family. Michelle sets boundaries, enforces rules and requires the girls to do chores, just like other kids. It’s difficult to imagine what life is like in the White House, but it’s an impressive accomplishment to continue raising your kids like normal, instilling a strong sense of family and values along the way.


Her Battle Against Childhood Obesity 

While Michelle has always been a supportive wife to President Obama, she’s also not one to hide in his shadow. She used her time as First Lady to make a real difference in our country. Her primary focus was one of health and improving habits, especially in the nation’s youth.

Michelle’s Let’s Move! campaign launched in 2010. The goal of the nationwide project was to resolve childhood obesity in one generation’s time. Whether or not that lofty goal is achieved, Michelle’s initiative has brought to the forefront the importance of living a healthy lifestyle as well as teaching the nation’s youth to make healthy choices. The campaign unites educators, parents, medical professionals and other community members to teach kids to make healthier choices and stay active.

Her efforts to combat childhood obesity produced a ripple effect in many areas of our country. The program is about a lot more than just eating healthier and exercising. Some of the healthy changes caused by Let’s Move! include:


  • Improved school lunches: A strong emphasis was placed on improving the quality and health of school lunches as part of Michelle’s efforts to eliminate childhood obesity. Her efforts have expanded the number of kids who receive free and reduced lunches at school as well as focusing on the menu itself. Through changes made because of the program, schools now serve more fruits and vegetables, along with other healthy food selections. This ensures kids get at least one nutritious, balanced meal each day.
  • Healthier kids’ meal options: Restaurants have also joined Michelle’s healthy food movement. Many restaurants now offer more vegetable and fruit options in kids’ meals, as well as low-fat drink options. Eating out isn’t always the healthiest option, but many restaurants are making it easier.
  • Child care health improvements: Michelle didn’t stop at the school-age level. Her Let’s Move! Child Care program encourages childcare providers to minimize screen time while encouraging physical activity and improving the health value of foods served to kids in their care. This starts kids off on a healthy foot from an early age.
  • MyPlate: Michelle helps parents serve their families healthier meals, thanks to MyPlate. This simple icon helps guide food choices with the illustration of a plate and the proportions of each type of food that make up a healthy meal. The illustration is flexible, since users can fill the fruit, vegetable, grain, protein and dairy sections with the specific types of food they prefer. MyPlate helps not only with planning meals, but also with serving up the food in healthy portion sizes.
  • Healthier manufacturing: Many food manufacturers are committing to reducing the calorie content of their products.
  • Tennis courts: Michelle helped more than 250,000 kids learn to play tennis through a partnership with the U.S. Tennis Association to create courts and train coaches. The partnership resulted in over 6,200 courts sized perfectly for kids around the country. This brings a new sport and a new way to stay active to millions of kids who might otherwise miss the opportunity.
  • Beginner athletic programs: Michelle also worked with the U.S. Olympic Committee to provide free or low-cost athletic programs to kids. These exercise-related aspects of the program are important. Michelle doesn’t simply tell kids to stay more active. She actually supports and creates the programs that let them achieve that active lifestyle. 
  • Active experiences: The Let’s Move! Museums and Gardens initiative encourages institutions to create active exhibits for visitors. With 597 institutions across all 50 states, this program is letting people stay active while experiencing something fun. The participating museums and gardens also work to offer healthier food options to patrons, making the trip healthier all around.


Her Efforts to Support Troops 

Along with Dr. Jill Biden, Michelle rallied support for veterans, current service members and families through their Joining Forces initiative. The efforts center around wellness, education and employment in both public and private sectors. The program aims to not only engage businesses in supporting troops, but also to get citizens, communities and faith-based organizations involved. Joining Forces aims to bring attention to both the needs of our troops and the strengths of those individuals.

The employment aspect of Michelle’s initiative focuses on helping veterans and military spouses gain better employment opportunities. Career development and assistance with license and credential issues also go into the program. Part of that goal involves educating businesses on the benefits of hiring veterans and what they can do to make the workplace conducive to employees from military families.

On the education front, Joining Forces focuses both on the adults and the kids in military families. The program aims to put a spotlight on the special needs of kids in military families. 

Finally, the wellness aspect serves to raise awareness about wellness issues facing military families and veterans. Michelle’s program works to provide easier access to a range of wellness programs for those families.


Her Push for Education

Michelle has her own impressive education credentials, but she also spends time encouraging kids to earn their own degrees. Her Reach Higher Initiative encourages kids to continue schooling beyond a high school diploma. The ultimate goal of the initiative is to propel the United States to having the highest proportion of college graduates anywhere by the year 2020.

Reach Higher isn’t only focused on four-year college degrees, though. Michelle’s program inspires all students to pursue some sort of additional training, whether that is a four-year degree, a training program or an associate’s degree. The point is to find the education beyond a high school diploma that helps the student gain the edge.

The initiative educates students on the things they need to do to take advantage of those college and training programs. Students learn more about the types of educational opportunities that are available and the career options they can pursue. The program educates kids on financial aid and helps them learn about eligibility to prove that getting an education is possible financially. Reach Higher encourages summer learning opportunities and encourages students to use academic planning to help achieve education success. High school counselors also get support, thanks to the initiative. This allows those key staff members to inspire and assist even more students to pursue an education after high school. 

Her support of education received another boost in 2015 with the introduction of her Let Girls Learn initiative, which she launched with President Obama. The initiative aims to empower young women to get the education they need. This program spreads beyond our country, focusing on adolescent girls around the world. The initiative aims to help those girls get a quality education, especially in areas where circumstances might normally prevent a good education. The goal of the program is to help girls everywhere reach their full potential, knowing that educated girls stand a better chance of raising healthy families and improving the community.

Michelle Obama has devoted her life to creating change and taking action, from her early career to her time in the White House. Her initiatives as the First Lady of the United States show her commitment to education, stronger communities and healthier futures for everyone. We’re sure her work to improve our country, and the world, is not over. As you can see from all of her accomplishments, there's no one more deserving than Michelle Obama to be honored in you home with a black calendar!

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