The Obamas

Obamas Merchandise

You don’t have to look very hard to find fans of President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. People of all faiths, races and religions can look up to the Obamas as an example of people who give their all to better their country and set a good example for all Americans. They are honest, caring people who are not afraid to show their love as a married couple.

They are also model parents who have raised two beautiful daughters — who are certain to follow in their parent’s footsteps and become positive, responsible adults and role models for the African American community as a whole.


Obamas Gifts for Your Loved Ones

At African American Expressions, we have put together a wide selection of gifts and merchandise dedicated to the legacy of the Obamas. They include practical and attractive items such as:

  • Coffee mugs and latte mugs
  • 500-piece jigsaw puzzles
  • Large wall calendars
  • Blank page journals
  • Mini calendars and checkbook planners
  • Magnetic notepads
  • Bookmark sets
  • Magnet sets for your fridge
  • 100% cotton throw blankets

And much more! Every item in our Obamas merchandise and gift collection features beautiful pictures of Barack and Michelle, either together or alone. You get to see them looking glamorous in their eveningwear and also in more candid shots and poses as they go about their daily lives.

In every instance, you see their beautiful smiles reminding us of the love and energy they have poured into guiding our country over two terms in office. They may have spent 8 years as the most powerful couple in the United States, but they give off a sense of humility and simplicity that we can all respect.


Get Your Obamas Gifts From AAE

We pride ourselves here at AAE on offering quality items at a great price. You won’t find a broader selection of specifically Black-inspired gifts and merchandise. We include many faith-based products that appeal to our hearts and souls and inspire us to be witnesses for God. From the comfort of your own home you can select from all of our wonderful catalog items. We provide large color pictures, product details and pricing information to make it easy to choose. Simply place your items in your shopping cart and use our secure checkout when you’re finished.

Our lineup of President Barack Obama merchandise and other Obama gifts are among our most popular items, thanks to the broad appeal and enduring legacy of President Obama and the First Lady. An Obama calendar, journal, throw blanket or mug makes a fantastic gift for that Obama fan in your life. Think of the people you know who respect and admire the Obamas and how much they’d appreciate receiving one of these attractive and practical items.

You will also want to order some for yourself to use and display in your home, office, church or club. Place your order today, and we’ll get your shipment off to you quickly. Show your love of the Obamas and the positive impact they’ve had on all Black Americans by displaying and offering all of the beautiful Obama merchandise we carry here at AAE.

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