When the rain starts to fall, it’s nice to have an umbrella handy. If you often catch yourself getting stuck in the rain, why not buy a beautiful African American umbrella so you’re ready next time? Our umbrellas feature attractive designs that appeal to African American women. You can choose from designs with bright colors and images and touching messages of faith and love. Why choose a plain umbrella when you can have a unique and original African American umbrella that shows off your faith and pride in our community?

Our umbrellas open to a large 38” arc, giving you greater protection from the rain. Much like any umbrella, we recommend using our umbrella in winds less than 25 mph - who wants to be in wind like that anyway! They’re easy to fold so they can be stored when the sun comes out again and pulled out when the clouds come back. The shiny finish makes these classy umbrellas a great fashion accessory — you’ll almost hope for rain when you have one of these great African American umbrellas so you have an excuse to pull it out and show it off!

Thanks to their sturdy construction, these umbrellas are as practical and durable as they are useful. They make a perfect gift for the women in your life who appreciate a stylish accessory like an umbrella with an African American design. We also carry a whole host of other fashion items and accessories, so you can mix and match multiple items to create a truly unique and fashionable look. Start by choosing the right umbrella and complement it with a tote, jewelry or other African American-inspired items.

Browse our selection of great umbrellas today. It’s easy to compare the different designs and select your favorite one. In just a few clicks you can place your order and we’ll ship your African American umbrella off to you. Don’t wait until it’s raining — order your umbrella right now and be ready for the next shower!

Our 38” umbrellas are a great value, so order one for yourself and others for your friends and family so they too are protected every time it rains.

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