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12" x 12" wall calendar
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From Slavery to the Whitehouse 2017 Wall Calendar Featuring Obama

You don’t have to go back very far in time to when the idea of a Black President in the Whitehouse was simply unbelievable. But President Barack Obama has served two terms as the first African American President, and has changed the course of American history, truly a testament to black history! Obama is but one of many inspiring black men and women who have also left their mark in the history books, and have been positive forces for African American rights, so it's only fitting that we Obama is featured in our calendar.

To celebrate these influential people in black history, we offer a touching 2017 ‘From Slavery to the Whitehouse’ 12” by 12” African American wall calendar. It’s a daily visual reminder of the important role African Americans play in America’s history, and how we all have reason to be proud and excited to be part of it. Order your black calendars today, for your family, friends and coworkers.


Celebrating African Americans Throughout History

Today more than ever we need to be proud of our heritage and contribution to America as it is today. We want our children to love who they are and understand the significance of black history in making our country strong. A daily reminder like our beautiful black history wall calendar gives us a moment to reflect on African American heroes who have come before us and the struggles they overcame.

There’s also a lot of love, joy and happiness to be found in the pages of our calendar. Take a moment every day to reflect on what it means to be an African American and how much we have progressed. We can also reflect on what’s left to do as a community and how we can continue to make a better future for our children. Let the inspiring black men and women in the pages of this touching calendar inspire you as you go to work, school, church and other daily activities.


Prominent African Americans Who Inspire Us

Our nation’s 44th President, Barack Obama is an inspiration and has proven that with hard work, determination and sincerity, we truly can achieve our dreams. This calendar wouldn’t be complete without his story. Use this calendar featuring President Obama and other important figures throughout history as encouragement to go out and make a difference and achieve your dreams.


Get Your Black History Calendar Today

Every page of this calendar features a high-quality image of an important historical black figure and details of how they left their mark. You get a real feel for who these people were and the struggles they fought as well as the impact they made on their generations. Let 2017 be the year you focus on how wonderful it is to be part of the rich and important African American culture that is helping shape our country for the next generation.

Think of all the people in your life who would also like this attractive daily reminder of how far Black America has come since the days of slavery. Place your order today and give the touching gift that is sure to find a prominent place on the wall of all of your family and friends.