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WC177 Black History 2019 Wall Calendar

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Black History: From Slavery to the Whitehouse 2019 Wall Calendar

You don’t have to go back very far in time to when the idea of a Black President in the Whitehouse was simply unbelievable. But President Barack Obama served two terms as the first African American President, and has changed the course of American history, truly a testament to black history! Obama is but one of many inspiring black men and women who have also left their mark in the history books, and have been positive forces for African American rights, so it's only fitting that we Obama is featured in our calendar.

Every page of this calendar features a high-quality image of an important historical black figure and details of how they left their mark. You get a real feel for who these people were and the struggles they fought as well as the impact they made on their generations. Let 2019 be the year you focus on how wonderful it is to be part of the rich and important African American culture that is helping shape our country for the next generation.

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