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The History of Black History Month
Each and every February, we see countless promotions for Black History Month. We celebrate the African Americans who have played such an integral role in shaping our nation — inventors, explorers, scientists, poets and many more. We hear names like Martin Luther King, Jr., Jackie Robinson and, more recently, President Barack Obama. Our children learn more about the African American community and all of their contributions to our nation’s history. Colleges host speakers that highlight African American history. We learn a lot and we celebrate and pay tribute to African American history — but what else is there? The answer is a lot.
Lesser-Known Black History Facts
All eyes are on black history for the month of February each year. The contribution of prominent black men and women throughout our history is so much bigger than one month can properly celebrate. While most reports only hit the highlights of who’s who and what’s what in black history, this will, hopefully, present a few facts and details you may not know While exploring these lesser-known contributions to history, perhaps you’ll find inspiration for buying black history gifts for the people on your shopping list.
Lead the Way: African American Firsts
Black History Month shines a spotlight on the vast accomplishments and notable “firsts” of the African American community, but those accomplishments deserve the spotlight year ‘round. Many names on the list are very well known, while others don’t get quite the same recognition. Learn more about those African Americans who made history and broke barriers in remarkable ways, from sports and entertainment to politics and careers.