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10 Ways Journaling Can Improve Your Life
Somewhere in your old papers and books from childhood is probably tucked a small book full of cringe-worthy pages, each of them beginning “Dear Diary.” We often think of diaries or journals as rites of passage for angst-ridden adolescents, places for revealing insecurities, longings or heart-pounding crushes. But keeping a journal as an adult can be a meaningful, beneficial practice that you should consider incorporating into your daily routine. Learn more about the benefits of journaling here!
The Highly Caffeinated History of Your Coffee Mug
Coffee mugs don't get much press. In fact, most people never stop to consider the history of mugs. A mug simply gets the coffee to your mouth. It quietly delivers your favorite morning drink while holding back its life story. It doesn't want to bother you — you're busy getting ready for work. Well, now it's the mug's time to shine. Grab a piping cup o' joe, sit back and listen to your mug's tale — you owe it your attention.
The Joy of Giving Handmade Greeting Cards — Why They Still Matter in Today’s World
The humble greeting card may seem like a lost art in a sea of social media. Even though we now have multitudes of ways to communicate with one another, they tend to simplify our reactions to breakups, babies and bad news with an array of vaguely descriptive smiley-faces. However, there is still something inherently special about a physical object, like a greeting card, affirming those same sentiments. Read more about the benefits of sending greeting cards!