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Monday Motivations -- Week 2

Merry Monday to you all! The sun is shining (depending on where you live), the birds are chirping, and we are starting our day off on a blessed note. We can only hope that the same goes for you all!

We all need a reminder sometimes. You know what we mean, right? That reminder that you need to keep pushing. That little something that gets into your brain and helps you remember that you have EVERYTHING you need if you have faith, determination, and will. Whether it's a little phrase, a verse from a song, a chapter in the Bible. Here at African American Expressions there is nothing we love more than being able to be a small part of your daily reminder to keep going -- because you motivate and inspire us on a daily basis to continue doing what we do. To constantly envision, create and produce quality gifts, greeting cards, art and faith based products, and so much more, that honors our diverse black heritage.

Well there was nothing more motivating on this marvelous Monday morning in May (oooooh that flowed so nicely) than a hot, dark cup of delicious coffee. I don't know if it the aroma, the taste, or the get-up-and-go that it gives you, but they were not kidding when they said it was the best part of waking up! Okay.. maybe not the best. The best is being able to wake up to another day that the Lord has given us -- but that coffee is definitely in the top 5.

So what better place to put a little daily motivation, then smack on the front of our coffee and latte mugs?

One of our favorites right now happens to be one that would be perfect for any of the father's on your list (Father's Day is fast approaching) -- it's our absolutely eye-catching "He Who Kneels" coffee mug. Simple in design, but poignant in message, our He Who Kneels is the perfect daily reminder for any gentleman in your life. Take a look at the link below.

Whether it's coffee, a special saying, or just waking up on this beautiful morning to inhale fresh air into your lungs -- may your Monday be blessed.