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African-American Teacher Plaque

We entrust a large part of the education of our children to their teachers. They help our children learn, grow and mature. We all remember the great teachers we’ve had over the years and the impact they made in our lives. If you would like to thank your children’s teachers or other teachers in your life, our beautiful African-American teacher plaque is just the thing you need.

We designed our gift plaque for black teachers with a beautiful floral image and touching inscription. It’s sure to touch the heart of whomever you give it to and remind them why they chose to become a teacher in the first place. A plaque is a wonderful, permanent reminder that a teacher will be proud to display and will make them think of you and your children long after they’ve continued along their life path. It’s the perfect gift for an African-American teacher.


• Size: 4.75" H x 3.125" W

• Inscription: We may not always value what you strive to do each day; We may not listen to your words or care what you might say; One day, we’ll know that all you gave can take us very far; You opened up our minds to learn and made us who we are.


At African American Expressions, we carry a wide range of Afrocentric gifts and personal items that covers important themes for our African American communities. Teachers have an important role in the education of our children, which is why we offer this thoughtful gift for African American teachers. Let us show them thanks and share our appreciation for all the great work they do instructing and guiding our children.

It's easy to browse our site and zoom in on our teachers' plaque to discover the attractive design and touching inscription. In just a few clicks you can place your order and we'll send your plaque off to you. Think about all of the teachers in your life and choose the gift that shows them just how much you appreciate the work they do.