Jigsaw Puzzle Support


African American Expressions™ makes every effort to ensure that all of our products are without defect in workmanship. If you have confirmed that pieces are missing from your jigsaw puzzle or if there is a quality concern with your puzzle, you can either return it to the point of purchase/retailer or continue to our Missing Puzzle Piece form.


Puzzles purchased within the past 90 days are eligible for replacement directly by African American Expressions™. To efficiently assist you with your claim we will require you to provide your contact information, puzzle UPC, batch number, order number if applicable, name of retailer where the puzzle was purchased as well as an image of the completed puzzle and missing spaces. If all information meets our requirements, we will send out a replacement puzzle in a timely manner.


Click here to continue to our missing piece form.


Submit form and images to pictures@black-gifts.com