BO140 Lords Prayer Bible Organizer

Size: 8" x 11" / 2 Compartments/ Removable Shoulder Strap/ Bible NOT Included
SKU: BO140
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‘Lord’s Prayer’ Bible Organizer

The Lord’s Prayer is one of the most repeated and well-known prayers you’ll hear. It reminds us of the importance of God in our lives and is our way of rededicating our lives to Him. Here at AAE, we’re proud to offer tasteful, practical and touching reminders of this important prayer on objects like our ‘Lord’s Prayer’ Bible organizer. You can buy this high-quality organizer right here on our site to keep your Bible safe and protected as it travels everywhere with you.

Ideal for a Gift or for Yourself

Are you looking for a Bible organizer for yourself or someone you care about? You may want to purchase several so that you have a few handy to offer as gifts for a birthday, communion or other important occasion. Or you might simply want to share the Lord's Prayer with someone in your life who could use a reminder of the role God plays in all of our lives as faithful African Americans.