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Mothers Day Assortment 01

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3 Pack of Mother's Day Cards

Card 1:
Cover Text "Grandma You are So Special!"
Inside Text "You are so special with the qualities you possess. To be your grandchild, I consider myself blessed. Your precious hand has guided me through. Grandma, this Mother’s Day greeting is especially for you! Happy Mother’s Day Grandma!"

Card 2:
Cover Text "Thank you, Mama"
Inside Text "For your strength, care and love. For pushing me when I needed it and holding me when I needed you. For always having my back while teaching me to stand alone. Your strength, love and care serve as examples to me every day. I understand you did not exactly have life your way. So thank you for doing all you can to make my life better. Happy Mother’s Day!"

Card 3:
Cover Text "You’re Special"
Inside Text "You have always been like a mother to me, an Angel there to make sure I did not stray. Your arms were always open for me when I needed to be held. Your heart was always open for me when I needed to see love. Thank you so much for always being there for the most important times in my life. Happy Mother’s Day!"

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