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Mothers Day Assortment 03

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3 Pack of Mother's Day Cards

Card 1:
Cover Text "To My Lovely Wife on Mother’s Day"
Inside Text "I thank the Father for you, my Godly Wife. By the example of your life you guide our children to righteous paths, instilling values made to last. The way you nurture, the way you care. Always praying, Always there. Do you know how proud I am of you? You’re loved so much and appreciated too! Happy Mother’s Day!"

Card 2:
Cover Text "Happy Mother’s Day to My Grandma"
Inside Text "Respect, nubian, honor, strength, grace, wisdom, kindness, faith, blessed, humble, inspiring, proud, sophisticated, radiant. Shall I go on? Grandma, you are all these things and so much more to me. Happy Mother’s Day."

Card 3:
Cover Text "Momma’s Day"
Inside Text "Thank you Momma for all you do! Happy Mother’s Day."

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