AAE Online Rewards


Get rewarded for shopping with African American Expressions! Every purchase you make online at brings you closer to rewards points you can use to buy more of America’s hottest black gift items! Once you have accummulated enough points, you can use them to redeem all kinds of products; including limited edition artwork by Thomas Blackshear and items from our exlusive Maya Angelou Collection.


How To Earn Points

Getting rewarded is simple! No need to sign up, simply start shopping! We’ll track your online purchases and add rewards points to your account as you earn them. What could be easier?

Earn 1 reward point for every $50 spent on Each reward point is equal to $1.00 that you can use to shop on Reward Points are not accumulative and are only earned in $50 increments. Separate, smaller individual orders can not be added together to meet the minimums for generating points.

NOTE: Rewards points are given for orders placed online only. Orders placed by phone, fax, mail or email will not be eligible for rewards points. Points are non-transferable across accounts.


rewards points earned


Redeeming Your Points

Using your points is easy! At checkout, use the dropdown menu to select your rewards redemption value. Please note, rewards points can only be redeemed online at – points may not be redeemed via phone, fax or email.




Frequently Asked Questions about AAE Online Rewards


Do I need to sign up to start earning points?

The great thing about AAE Online Rewards is we do all the work for you! Simply log into your customer account and start shopping! All transactions will be recorded and points will be added to your account as you earn them.

NOTE: Be sure to use the same customer account every time you shop as points earned on different accounts cannot be transferred nor combined.


How can I check my rewards account balance?

To check your rewards account balance, simply log into your customer account, click on MY ACCOUNT and select REWARDS POINTS from the right-side menu.


Do my points expire?

Your points expire 3 years after they are earned or if an account has been inactive for 6 months or longer.


Are there certain items that are excluded from earning or redeeming points?

AAE Online Rewards points can be used to purchase from our entire catalog of in-stock, available items. Unavailable/out-of-stock/back-ordered items and shipping costs are excluded.


What do I do if my points haven’t been added?

If you feel there is a discrepancy on your rewards account, please email for assistance.


Can I call in to redeem my points?

AAE Online Rewards can only be redeemed online at Points may not be redeemed via phone, fax or email.


Can I get cash back for my points?

No, AAE Online Rewards points have no cash value.


Do I have to pay shipping for items purchased with rewards points?

Yes, standard shipping rate apply for items purchased with rewards points. Rewards points do not cover shipping costs. If the available rewards points on your online account cover or exceed the amount of the order placed, the rewards points used for the shipping cost will go back onto your account and a balance for the shipping will be owed. Balances on your account will need to be paid for via credit or debit card.


Need more information? 

Phone: 800.684.1555